Ind AS 102 is the converged version of IFRS 2 that deals with share based payment transactions. This is one of the standards that is required to be adopted mandatorily along with a set of other Ind AS Standards as per the notification by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

It is customary to compensate employees either through stock options or equity instruments, especially for start up entities. Also an entity may also settle a liability while purchasing goods or services through its own equity instruments. If an entity enters into a share based payment transaction then such an entity has to recognise the share based payment transactions in its financial statements including transactions with employees or other parties to be settled in cash, other assets or equity instruments of the entity. There are no exceptions to this requirement other than for transactions to which other Ind ASs apply. Ind AS 102 mainly covers equity settled share based payment transactions and transactions that contain a choice of settlement either in cash or by issue of equity instruments.

This publication covers the key features of share based payment transactions, the accounting treatment for all types of share based payment transactions and disclosures that are mandatorily required to be given. The book includes extracts from published annual reports of several listed companies following IFRS 2 which can be used as very valuable precedence for accounting and reporting as per Ind AS 102.

This book includes several illustrations and worked out examples including practical case studies. At the end of the book, several objective type questions and problems/case studies are given, the answers of which are provided in the website

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