“Accounting for Investments” by R. Venkata Subramani is a great attempt to deliver a right blend of knowledge and application. Especially in the rapid and ever growing investment scenario there are very few books that focus on the accounting aspects of complex financial products. Ways of accounting treatment in different situations are explained in detail with apt examples right from journal entries till the preparation of a balance sheet. Venkata Subramani is a professional accountant who has specialized knowledge in this field and it is indeed good for the accounting profession that he chose to share his knowledge through his good book.

Any accounting professional in the investment world would find this as an appropriate book for education and reference. Equity investment firms, fund houses, banking and other financial institutions also would find loads of information required for them in this book. The author has bestowed the reader with a book worthy to find a place in one’s personal library.

R. Ravichandran, Commissioner of Income Tax, Government of India.